Sunday, March 11, 2012

Join the enemy (ALEC), rub elbows with the enemy........

From John Curry, March 11, 2012
....and then EXPOSE THE ENEMY.....just like this Wisconsin legislator did re. ALEC's legislation re. special taxpayer subsidies and helping kids with special needs! My hat is off to you, Rep. Mark Pocan!
Just last week, Wisconsin State Representative Mark Pocan (D) decided to take action as well. He joined ALEC to gain access to the bill templates, and then took to the floor to expose the origins of AB110, a bill that would damage the public education system by giving special taxpayer subsidies to private schools for special needs children.
“This is part of dismantling public education in Wisconsin, and Florida, and Ohio, and every single state it’s introduced in,” Pocan explained. “This bill doesn’t come from this body, this bill is an identical bill that’s been introduced brought by special interests by ALEC and introduced state by state by state.”
Note from is Rep. Pocan talking about Special Education "scholarships." Click on this link:
ALEC’s secret jig is up. The American people don’t want their laws to be written by corporations, and they’ve made their voices heard. Now, our elected representatives – that is, the ones who are actually representing us, not wealthy special interests – are taking a stand too. ALEC’s pro- corporate agenda can only advance if kept secret. Kudos to those elected officials with the courage to shine the spotlight on this undemocratic organization.
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