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RH Jones: NEA-R deserves our support

From RH Jones, March 30, 2012
To all retired teachers:
Re: NEA-R deserves our support
Please take the time out of your busy day to read the 3-pages of the This Active Life, NEAtoday, the magazine for NEA-Retired Members, March 2012, issue below []. The very last article at the bottom is a very powerful writing: Getting and Staying Active (and Activist) by the NEA-Retired President, Tom Curran [].
I think you will be inspired. After reading the 3-pages, I came to the conclusion that OEA-R will be as inspired as I, to move forward the efforts to turn around the threats to cut, and gut, our Ohio retired teachers' pension.
There are also some wonderful web sites mentioned that will be of great importance to you. Please, if you are not a NEA-R member, join. It is in all of our best interests.
In solidarity,
RHJones, retired Ohio teacher and proud CORE member
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rules to Live by in an Election Year
The editors of This Active Life posed the following question to Retired Members: What activities, large or small, will you undertake this election year to promote and support public education? Alan Holland of Salem, Oregon, sent in the following response.
I will again do for this election cycle what I have done since retiring 10 years ago:
• I will read up on issues so I can vote and talk to acquaintances intelligently.
I will meet candidates, discuss their positions on education, share my views, and urge their support.
I will support pro-public education issues and candidates with donations and register voters, canvass, work phone banks, and volunteer to strategically place and deliver signs where requested.
I will remain active as a precinct committee person with my political party, seeking to influence candidates and others for the common good and betterment of public education,
I will share my enthusiasm and live with pride for my contribution to the lives of thousands as a public school teacher.
I will personally thank teachers and school board members I meet for their contributions to public schools,
I will not let disparaging remarks about public schools or teachers pass without a positive, informed response.
Finally, I will strive to remain positive and pleasant in my relations as I work in the activities listed above.
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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