Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ORTA's silence at STRS meeting to cut our COLA

From RH Jones, April 25, 2012
In the ORTA Spring Quarterly 2012, an article by President, Dave Gynn, entitled “Use Your Teacher Voice”, Dave states in his last sentence: “We must continue to speak in a loud, clear voice for all retired teachers”. Dave, it has been years since any ORTA official has spoken in a loud and clear voice at any STRS meeting to protest their cuts for retired teachers. Our STRS HC/Rx fund was cut by the STRS from the 4% of the Employer Contribution down to 1% into the fund. One percent is now not enough to sustain our HC/Rx. ORTA officials were silent then, and are still silent now. The ORTA Executive Director, Ann Hanning was silent at the STRS April 19 meeting, as well. 

The OEA active teachers have been reportedly bombarding the legislature with requests in their interests but it seems just a few of us retired educators are contacting legislators.  Perhaps if Dave and Ann, as our primary leaders, would set a loud and clear example, more members would follow their example. 

Past ORTA presidents have informed me that they had been talking to legislators all across the state. If our present ORTA officials are doing this, please ORTA let the membership know specifics of these meetings so that we can extend proper accolades.

By the way, Ann’s article “ALPHABET SOUP” was good except that there was no mention of our STRS Scenario 8 COLA cut. Also there was no loud or clear voice of hers at the STRS meeting, either. That’s a fact! 

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