Friday, May 25, 2012

Are you an educator or a retired educator and you'd like to give a grade to your friendly (or unfriendly) local legislator or non-local legislator?

From John Curry, May 25, 2012's your chance. Just click on the link below and give 'em what they earned. For some, like those who are against our Defined Benefits pension, here's your chance to let them know how you feel. Heck...even though you aren't an educator or retired educator you can still give 'em a grade....I won't tell!
Submitted by Anastasia Pantsios 5/24/2012
Did your state representative vote in favor of a punitive and ineffective system of "grading" teachers, based in large part on unreliable test scores? Are you sick and tired of hearing politicians spout about "accountability" for teachers, some of the most overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated, dedicated, and valuable members of society?
Now you can grade that state representative who most likely is NOT one of the most dedicated and valuable members of your community. At the website, you can grade any representative who voted for this legislation.
Grade My Rep is the first attempt in Ohio to use objective statistical performance measures to grade Ohio’s legislators. It is based upon a similar methodology the General Assembly recently introduced to measure teachers.
If your representative is a Democrat, you won't find him/her here. Instead you can rate such creatures as Courtney Combs, Lynn Wachtmann,Danny Bubp, John Adams, Ron Amstutz, Louis Blessing, Bill Batchelder and, bringing up the rear in last place and second to last place, greater Cleveland's two useless chair warmers, Mike Dovilla and Marlene Anieski.
Go! Have fun!
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