Tuesday, October 30, 2012

STRS asks Express Scripts for explanation

From Tom Curtis, October 30, 2012
Thank you for posting my informational letter. STRS is looking into this. Greg Nickell made the following response to my recent email of 10.28.12.
"Based upon your concern, STRS Ohio has asked Express Scripts to provide an explanation of why this issue for individuals like yourself was occurring and what additional support will be offered to address the issues you faced."
It is nice to report that yesterday STRS did provide me the needed assistance from Express Scripts to allow me to register Linda. I can now open her account. The time spent on my part has been way beyond what it should have taken to achieve the desired results. However, I believe Express Scripts is still requiring clients to use his/her email address as his/her user name. The people that operate Express Scripts are very highly paid and yet we the clients have to deal with the results of their mistakes...........and so it goes with so many companies and agencies today. They get paid handsomely for the job they are supposed to do and we the clients get paid nothing but frustration while they work out their screw-ups.
What is noteworthy here is that Express Scripts pulled off this file merger after taking over Medco, without informing any of their clients that they were doing this. Just how arrogant is that? In my opinion, this is one more example of the corruption that is permitted at the upper levels of business. Express Scripts is apparently buying as many other PBMs as they can, so they can become an even larger monopoly than they already are. I was under the impression that monopolies are against the law. That does not appear to be the case any longer. Sometime this year I was sent a listing of the top 10 highest paid CEOs in the country. The CEO of Express Scripts was about 6th or 7th on that list. He will likely move further up on that list now that they have acquired Medco. As usual today, the little guy gets kicked to the curb.
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