Wednesday, February 13, 2013

RH Jones re: Hey ORTA members...get a load of this.....

From RH Jones, February 13, 2013
To all:
Many of us who are Life Members and Committee Members of ORTA, OEA, OEA-R have been ignored for years by the ultra conservative officials in power whom have been more interested in selling us insurance than representing retired teachers interests, especially those of us who have been retired the longest.
We had to go it alone to get Dennis Leone, PhD. elected on the STRS board. Although Dr. Leone was a school superintendent, as an educator he is allowed to be a member of ORTA (Ohio Retired Teachers Association); and therefore had a right to be backed by his association's officials. After his election, he got ORTA support only one time in a last minute plea by Bob Dengler to have a support campaign to kill SB 5. If an ORTA member (such as Dr. Leone) by popular majority vote, is elected to represent retired teachers on the Ohio STRS board, the ORTA officials are bound by this majority vote to back that member. They did not, unfortunately for all of us retired STRS members whom ORTA claims to support.
Also, we had no legal, moral, or active support from our unions for our battle to retain our constitutional right in regard to the promises made by our employer at our time of retirement. Other states are, why not Ohio? Membership is slipping in ORTA, OEA and OEA-R. Is it any wonder? The officials cannot just sit back and enjoy their perks. They have to work for us, heart and soul. Failure to do so will drive away membership and encourage those who want to destroy public common education.
This is an age of electric communication. Therefore, Our union officials need not ignore us members whom are actively online. Employed public school teachers, who ignore what these unions are doing to their retired members, can expect the same disregard after they retire.
My opinion,
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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