Monday, April 29, 2013

Mark Fredrick on STRS board election: Do over!

Mark Fredrick to Mike Nehf and STRS board, April 29, 2013
Dear SIR:
I'm sure you are well aware of the discrepancies in ballot language for the current APRIL, 2013 STRS  retired teacher election ballots, paper or online. IT IS MORE than a minor wording mistake! IT IS FATALLY FLAWED! It MUST be redone to be fair, equitable, and impartial! IN students' terminology; DO OVER!
At least when I was on the ballot in TWO previous  board elections,it was done fairly! In all my usual bluntness, THE SHIT you are trying to pull in favor of retaining the two current board members on this ballot
S T I N K S !!!! If you want to pass the blame along to some other incompetent idiot, feel free to do so, whether it hits the fan at STRS employees, or the outside election running company. BUT it must be stopped! Giving NO answers at the recent board meeting will only infuriate more members. YOU FAIL to respond to the members you serve! DO WE need to come  to Taj Mahal STRS offices to rally our objections as we have in the past? IT CAN BE ARRANGED!!! We are not yet so frail and senile as to have forgotten how it is done!! Thanks to our retirement funds, we are not so poor and unable to make the drive to Columbus! Several of us in a vehicle would have a good time along the way!
IF the membership does not complain enough, you will be with business as usual. I'm sure other retirees are going to follow this matter through legal means also. Why waste all this time, money, energy, fighting, when it is apparent that this flawed election must be redone? It will only leave a further, lingering bad taste in our mouths, and memory in our minds! At least present a minor semblance of respect for the wishes of the membership, and follow their bidding. The skewed results will be challenged and discarded eventually anyway! 
Medina, Ohio.
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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