Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tom Curtis: STRS Election For 2 Retiree Seats On The Board

From Tom Curtis, April 1, 2013
Hello fellow STRS retiree,
By now you may have received your ballot for the election for the two retiree seats on the STRS Board. There are four candidates this year, one of whom is Dennis Leone, who served one previous term on the STRS Board, 2005-2009.
Dr. Leone has fought harder for retirees than anyone else before, during and after his term, both in the Board Room and at the Statehouse. Going against the tide of a "rubber stamp" board, he opposed many motions, often casting a lone dissenting vote, and always for good reason: protecting your best interests.
In my opinion, to get Dennis Leone elected to the STRS Board again, voters will need to cast a single vote for only one candidate, Dennis Leone. By doing so, we will increase his chances of winning. Please support Dennis Leone (only) for STRS Board, and spread the word among your retired teacher friends. We need him now more than ever. To learn more about him, please go to www.kathiebracy.blogspot.com.
Tom Curtis
STRS Retiree
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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