Saturday, May 25, 2013

Linda Meinelt to ORSC: Please investigate the STRS board election and hold them accountable

From Linda Meinelt, May 24, 2013
To all members of the ORSC,
I would like to see you investigate the election which just completed for 2 retiree seats at STRS. Dennis Leone lost by very few votes, and many, many retirees feel it was due to deliberate language on the ballot making the voters feel as if they had to vote for 2 individuals instead of just Dennis.
Why was the language changed from the prior retiree election, who was responsible for that and why won't STRS higher-ups respond to questions other than to say it was, in their opinion, a legitimate election?
STRS is not listening to retirees, and they are making decisions on health premium increases, using a prescription plan with, in many cases, copays higher than obtaining the drug locally,  COLA suspensions and reduction, etc. which affect the retiree, but do nothing to make STRS accountable including rewarding huge bonuses when their stock value increases are not showing the increase of the market we are in now.
Please investigate and hold them accountable.
Linda Meinelt 
Retiree, Columbus, OH
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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