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From Sondra Stratton, May 2, 2013
Subject: Re: Thoughts from one of southern Ohio's "malcontents"
I, too, am one of those "malcontents" from southwestern OH.  I agree with Duke in his comments.  I also believe the election should be held all over and that a letter should be sent to all retirees with an explanation of the problem......oh but you don't see a problem.  You people should know better than to put out such instructions to TEACHERS of all people.  It should have said, " You may vote for no more than 2 candidates." NOT "VOTE FOR 2 CANDIDATES".  Teachers take those kind of things literally (EXCUSE us!!!  It is an occupational hazard!) as should STRS.
The politicians decided to put the task on the shoulders of STRS so they would not have to listen to retirees complaints.  WHAT COWARDS!!!!!!!!! And also I might add  a crappy thing to do to constituents! Some of the very politicians who have met and sympathized with retirees and then do something despicable as put the power in the hands of the STRS board!!!!  WE only have to look to the past to see what kind of problems that could or may have  already been created.
You know, we all became involved in the mess at STRS around 2001 or 2002 and nothing seems to change much.  We are hated because we stood up for retirees and OUR MONEY and  have been treated with disdain by many when attending the STRS meetings.  As long as employees are looked upon to find the answers, retirees will continue to be crapped upon as we have since I have been almost 13 years. (That is how the rich get rich and the poor get poorer!) You people in Columbus just don't get it. There are a lot of stressed out retirees who are barely making a living and I am surprised that someone severely stressed  has not taken matters personally.  You only have to look at the postal system to see people who lose it. I am NOT making a threat of any kind, just siting the facts as have happened with other professions who are crapped upon.
I don't know how the older retirees are making it. It is hard, especially when you have health or medical problems.  The insurance keeps going up, deductibles keep going up, doctors and medical procedures keep going up and the insurance keeps paying for less. For example, I am now on oxygen for a condition known as COPD.....something that is mostly a smoker's problem.....lucky me, I never smoked!!  I digress. My oxygen and supplies cost me almost $500 for 2 months.  That is an EXTRA expense!!!!!!  OH, I might add it does not pay for the portable tanks one must use when going out of the house and away from home.  I guess you are supposed to sit home and rot!
Wise up STRS.  You all just keep doing stupid things again and again and don't want to see your stupidity.  For people who make the kind of money you all make you are mighty dumb!!!!!
DO THE BLASTED ELECTION OVER AND IN THE FUTURE, THINK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. If you cannot figure out the correct way to word a ballot for teachers, why not ask a few of us to preview it for you?  I can probably still find a red ink pen around somewhere!
Sondra Stratton 
Southern Ohio MALCONTENT
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