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Bob Jones: Some words about the ad hoc raises and an open letter to ORTA

Bob Jones to Kathy Kienle
January 16, 2014
Subject: Re: Bob Jones on: Re: An open letter to Ann Hanning
If my memory serves me correctly, the last periodic ad hoc raise on our base was approximately 1998. [Another retiree writes "Bob, I do not believe we have had an Ad Hoc raise since 1989 or l990. I know that I missed it and I retired in l992!] It was especially good to those who had been retired the longest. My personal opinion, as to the reason for the delay in this needed base raise, is politicians that undervalue the benefits of public education and our OHSTRS officials that forget writing checks to retired teachers is the reason our OHSTRS was established in the first place.
Bob Jones
From Bob Jones
January 16, 2014
Subject: Bob Jones on: Re: An open letter to Ann Hanning
To all ORTA members:
Just to remind ORTA members that every 15 to 20-years we have had ad hoc raises from the Ohio Legislature who regarded traditional public schools as necessary to grow Ohio's economy both in the present and the future. If the STRS Board decides to cut retired teachers COLA, once again, it would seem to this ORTA Life Member that the ORTA officials, as well as our two STRS Retired Teacher Reps, should lobby for this ad hoc increase to our base pension.
It seems to me, sadly,  that a "game is being played" to keep retired teachers from ever having any increases to keep us up with inflation of the dollar, especially today when the Feds came out with data on the increase of wholesale prices. As every thinking individual knows, when wholesale prices increase, retail price increases are not far behind.
All three branches of our Ohio government should not skimp on the education of our children. In particular, the Ohio Legislature is responsible for the financial health of retired teachers - which is certainly an incentive for them to do that which is right for the future of Ohio. In order to move our state to a bright economic and culturally great future without financially healthy retired teachers, there is little incentive for our best college students to enter into one of the most honored professions: teaching in traditional public schools.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Jones
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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