Tuesday, January 14, 2014

John Curry: An open letter to Ann Hanning, Bob Stein and Jim McGreevy

From John Curry
January 14, 2014
Ann, soon your organization, which purportedly represents retired teachers, will have a chance to go to bat for retired teachers once again. Will your organization, once again, go along to just get along with other board members, one of which will demand more COLA cuts for retirees for a corrective action to the pension system? Or, will you, unlike what you and your organization did before, stand strong and fight against any future COLA cut for retirees? Time will tell, won't it? Ann, try to develop a backbone and stand up for retirees.....the same ones who pay your paycheck.
John Curry
Bob and Jim,
Now is the time for you to really go to bat for retirees....especially since both of you were elected as "retiree" members of the board. Will you fight for us or.......will you go along with other OEA affiliated board members when the time comes and someone suggests a further cut to the COLA so that you can just "present a unified front?"  "Cut the 88% payout (sooner, rather than later), we can't afford to wait," can we? All the other systems only pay 77% for 35 years, don't they? So should we.....like right now! Don't penalize retirees further....most of them aren't physically able to take that "second job" to make up the difference, are they?
John Curry
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