Thursday, January 02, 2020

John Curry: Some questions for STRS about those charging stations (for STRS associates' electric cars) in the parking garage

From John Curry
January 2, 2020
Some open questions to an active participant of this Facebook forum page AND ALSO AN STRS BOARD MEMBER - Dale Price.
Dale...I want to commend you for being communicative on this Facebook forum with our members....especially since there are other STRS board members who are also members of this Facebook page but have remained deathly silent since they have joined us.
I am asking these questions so that our Facebook forum page members will become better informed re: the recent installation of electric charging stations in "our" parking garage at STRS for STRS associates who drive electric cars to work.
I have been unable to attend STRS board meetings since I have to work to supplement my STRS monthly pension check since I lost my COLA about 5 years ago. Had STRS made board meeting podcasts available maybe I wouldn't have to ask you these questions in the first place as I could have satisfied my curiosity by simply viewing and listening to these meetings on my teachers in California and Texas teachers retirement systems do.
Here are my questions:
1. How many charging stations are there?
2. What was the cost of the installation of these charge stations?
3. Are STRS contributing active teachers or retirees allowed to use these stations?
4. Are STRS associates billed for the electricity that they receive from these stations?
5. Is this rate (if charged) comparable to rates charged by other nearby non-STRS charging stations?
Thank you for considering these questions...thousands of our members will be awaiting an answer.
Blogger's note: All members of STRS Ohio who have Facebook accounts are eligible to become members of a closed group called Ohio STRS Member Only Forum on Facebook, which currently has over 8,000 members and growing every day. Go to that page to request membership.
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