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Handy links: Contacts, information and more

STRS Board.......STRS Senior Staff........STRS website
Ohio Department of Education:
Matt DeTemple, Chief Legal Counsel and chief ethics officer for the Ohio Department of Education:
CORE website:
Bob Stein's website:
Get free CD recordings of STRS Board meetings
Combined list: STRS Board and Senior Staff
Another site with multiple contacts
Contact information for just about anybody you would want to contact re: pension and HC concerns:
Rich DeColibus' PowerPoint presentation STRS' PBI Program; Does it work?: click December 21, 2008 (blog Archive) and scroll down to December 23 posts.
Map/directions to STRS, 275 E. Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215
ORSC (Ohio Retirement Study Council)
A Glossary of Terms (
State legislators........State of Ohio website
Armond Budish, Speaker of the Ohio House
Bill Harris, President of the Ohio Senate
127th Ohio General Assembly
Members of U.S. Congress
CORE website.........History of CORE
Who is Dennis Leone?........PDF version
More on
Dennis Leone .......PDF version
The Plain Dealer article that opened our eyes, June 8, 2003
Dennis Leone's STRS Report to ORTA, March 2007
Writings (and other concoctions) of Rich DeColibus
Sampling of bonuses -- "The old days" at STRS (when the executive director also received a percentage of each bonus)
Ohio Revised Code 3307.15
Ethics convictions: former STRS Board members, executive director
Corporate CEO salaries
Best Practice Principles (Stanford Study on board governance, PDF; click here for HTML version
Don Olson (Medical Mutual)
Gov. Strickland's State of the State address 3/14/07
Contact for HC legislation petition drive: Tom Ash, 614-846-4080 or
Helpful posts on Medicare: See some of the early April 2007 posts, beginning 4/1/07.
Blog: A Teacher's First Year
The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (political contributions)
OEA salaries: November 2009 USDL report
OEA top salaries 2008

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