Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Contacts at STRS

Dennis Leone: dennisleone@roadrunner.com (former Board member, retired)
Executive Director:
Michael Nehf: nehfm@strsoh.org
General address that goes to all Board members: board@strsoh.org
STRS Board:
Craig Brooks (appointed): craig_brooks@sbcglobal.net
Regina Burch (appointed): burchr@strsoh.org
Dan Martin (appointed): MartinD@strsoh.org
Deborah Delisle (Ex officio member): deborah.deslisle@ode.state.oh.us
Carol Correthers (active): correthersc@strsoh.org
Taiyia Hayden (active): haydent@strsoh.org
Mark Hill (active): HillMA@strsoh.org
Dale Price (active): priced@strsoh.org
Tim Myers (active): tmyers@bright.net
James McGreevy (retired): jmcgree@columbus.rr.com
Bob Stein (retired): bobstein@bobstein.us

Head of Investment Dept.
Steve Mitchell: mitchels@strsoh.org
STRS Ohio Senior Staff
Michael Nehf nehfm@strsoh.org
Executive Director (since July 2008)
Sandra L. Knoesel Knoesels@strsoh.org
Deputy Executive Director - Member Benefits
Stephen A. Mitchell mitchels@strsoh.org
Deputy Executive Director - Investments
Robert A. Slater slaterr@strsoh.org
Deputy Executive Director - Finance Chief Financial Officer
Nick Treneff
Director, Communication Services
Andrew J. Marfurt
Director, Human Resource Services
William J. Neville
General Counsel
David Tackett
Manager, Internal Audit
Gregory A. Taylor
Director, Information Technology Services

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