Monday, February 13, 2006

Nancy Hamant: Some interesting statistics!

From Nancy Hamant, February 13, 2006; Subject: Some interesting statistics!

Ryan has some important questions about the 1999 increase for retirees. Another important question is how many of the retirees who received an increase have already died--therefore are no longer receiving the increase. Whereas those retiring after 1999 with 35 years service and an increase in calculation to 88% are a growing number of STRS retirees and those figures and there impact need to be published also. In all probability a major shift of STRS payments to those receiving 88% may be apparent.

Nancy (Hamant)

Dear One & All:

Tom Curtis, a fellow CORE advocate, has provided the information below [see note below]. It would be interesting to know how much these long-term retirees receive in their monthly pension checks. They retired long before the enhancements provided additional compensation for teaching beyond 30 years.

With increased longevity, many recently and soon-to-be retirees may face the issues these elderly among us now face.

Later, Ryan
[Feb. 6, 2006]

[Reference: Age of Membership in the STRS by Tom Curtis; blogged 2/06/06 KBB]
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