Wednesday, April 18, 2007

RH Jones on the dangers of being a teacher

From RH Jones, April 18, 2007
Subject: A total of 5-teachers out of 33 killed at VT

To all:
The media has announced that a total of five teachers lost their lives in the tragic shooting at VT. They will not get to enjoy their retirement. One, teacher hero, was spared in the Holocaust was gunned down on the vary day of it's remembrance. This hero, Liviu Libresau, was killed standing in the door blocking the killer. At this time, who knows the heroism of the other four teachers who lost their lives?
Just this morning the Beacon on page B4 mentioned that: "Ohio State warning community of bacterial meningitis danger. A 20-year old Ohio student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis is being treated at the OSU Medical Center."... Obviously, medical personnel are exposed to it, but SO ARE TEACHERS! Over the many years past, the public has had the image of teaching as being a safe, secure and tranquil profession. That is not so; it is froth with many dangers.
My motivation in keeping the violence against teachers, and other hazards of our careers, in the eyes of the public is to help them realize the many perils of the job and, thusly, to support professional public school teachers financially Pre-K-16. Here in Ohio, passage of an increase in the employer/employee contribution would at least be a help in providing HC/Rx to those of us who survived until retirement. This is my opinion.
Robert Hudson Jones, A retired Ohio teacher

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