Thursday, August 16, 2007

Caremark's bottle labeling restrictions

From a retiree, August 15, 2007
Caremark's bottle labeling restrictions
I see a problem with how Caremark is labeling their prescription bottles. For example, I just received a new bottle of synthroid for which I used a new prescription from my doctor. It was filled 8/07/07 and contains 90 pills or a three-month's supply, taking one a day. But, they label I am allowed 2 refills until 11/28/07. Well, if I got 90 tabs., that takes me to November 8th, but that would be the date for the FIRST refill. But, I have to get the SECOND refill before 11/28/07 or I need a new prescription in order to get the SECOND refill. WHY are they requesting I get the second refill when I still have two months' supply on hand from the FIRST refill????? How are they benefiting from this restriction? Why are they allowing a patient to receive DOUBLE the amount or a two month's supply on hand in order to meet their label restriction about getting BOTH refills in the time period when only one is still be used???
Do we retirees have a specific person/committee that handles questions/complaints regarding our medications? I already wrote to Mr. Dann and explained the danger in Caremark using the SAME color capsules for both 10 mg. and 25 mg. of the same drug, which I take daily. AND, the smaller amount capsule is LARGER than the SMALLER amount capsule. Figure that one out for me. Mr. Dann wrote back and stated he has sent my complaint on to the pharmacy, but it might take 90 days for the matter to be resolved in some way.
Well, I am about to call Caremark and complain about the date on the labels restricting customers from using the same prescription to order the two designated refills in the time period when only ONE refill is needed. Isn't that encouraging elderly patients to make mistakes with their meds. and possibly overdose, thinking they have too many pills left and must have skipped taking them when the doctor directed them to use them.
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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