Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dennis Leone formally credits John Curry

August 16, 2007

At the STRS Board meeting on August 16, 2007, the Board employed a new PBM firm to replace Caremark and Board member Dennis Leone publicly commended retiree John Curry in the process. Leone said he was pleased with the “airtight” contract the STRS staff negotiated with the new firm, Express Scripts, and he credited Curry with providing research that translated into a better contract. “John’s research put me in a position that I could give the staff ammunition to negotiate a better contract so we won’t see a repeat of problems that other pension systems have had with their PBM contracts,” Leone said. Calling him a “research wizard,” Leone told fellow board members and those in the audience: “If you had a speeding ticket when you were in high school, John Curry has the ability to find out about it.” Leone also said he was pleased with the guarantees and legal protection language in the new PBM contract, which was approved on a 9-0 Board vote.
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