Thursday, September 18, 2008

CORE Alert: CORE Meeting September 18

From CORE, September 3, 2008
CORE (Concerned Ohio Retired Educators) will hold its September Annual Membership meeting on Thursday, September 18th at the STRS Building at 275 East Broad Street in Columbus. Parking is free in the STRS parking garage behind the building. We encourage you to also attend the STRS meeting which usually begins around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday in the meeting room on the 6th floor but this beginning time varies from month to month. For this reason, we encourage you to check the STRS website ( to confirm the time. CORE meeting attendees usually leave the STRS meeting around 11:30 in order to go to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor to get our lunches. We then take our lunches to the small cafeteria room behind the Sublett Room on the 2nd floor of the STRS building where the CORE Annual Membership Meeting will begin promptly at 11:45.
In response to suggestions from our supporters, CORE is calling for input for agenda items for this September 18th meeting. Please hit reply and send the agenda item you would like discussed to the sender of this email, John Curry. John has kindly agreed to send your suggestions to the CORE President, Dave Parshall. In order to have an agenda in place and printed for the meeting, please send your item no later than Tuesday, September 16th. Agenda items which are sent after September 16th will be held over to the October CORE meeting.
This Annual CORE Membership Meeting is one of the most important ones of the year as we hold our fall CORE election in keeping with our Constitution. We will be voting on a new CORE Constitutional By-Law Amendment, we will be voting on and swearing in our new CORE officers and trustees, and we will be updating members’ personal data as you arrive. Thanks to input from members who attended CORE meetings this summer or who sent suggestions by email, we will be distributing a new CORE pamphlet which can be used to promote CORE membership. Members may pay their CORE membership dues for the 2008-2009 year ($10.00) and/or make a CORE donation. So please plan to come and actively participate in our once a year Membership Meeting. We need each and every member. . . your ideas, your concerns, and your help. BRING A FRIEND OR TWO! We are always encouraging new members to join us.
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