Sunday, March 18, 2012

RH Jones: OEA-R, ORTA and ALEC

From RH Jones, March 18, 2012

John Curry and all:

As I see it, OEA-R has not mentioned ALEC yet either. Gee, I wonder, are our dues money going to waste as they are paid out for salaries for failing directors and expenses for transportation for them to paid- for-dinners where they talk to the choir? Public education is at the wall. When will they awaken? Financially well off "Tea Baggers" seem to be heading the Board of ORTA; and active teachers are the main concern of the OEA-R. Are the retired teachers left to fend alone without help for which they pay dues?

Against the likes of ALEC, if the leadership lacks the skills or desire to battle them for our delayed compensation pension, will they be so kind as to step down?

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