Sunday, April 01, 2012

Do any of these Ohio Reps or Senators represent you?

From John Curry, April 1, 2012
If they do, you may want to see their relationship with ALEC. Click on this link for a very eye-opening experience. Maybe they will save you a seat at the next ALEC convention! This is an Adobe download of 88 pages so it took my system about 15 seconds to download.
Danny Bubp
Matt Huffman (the father of Ohio's school voucher bills)
Jarrod Martin (he will soon step down as he lost this year in the primary race, he was the shirtless Rep. who was popped by the Ohio Highway Patrol for DUI in southern Ohio...also he was found passed out on the hood of Batchelder's vehicle in the Ohio Statehouse garage)
Robert Mecklenborg (oops...he resigned due to a stripper in his car, viagra in his system and a DUI in Lawrenceburg, IN....all in the same night)
Shannon Jones (the mother of SB 5)
William Seitz
Gerald Stebelton
Lou Blessing
John Adams (ALEC's "go-to" guy in Ohio)
Todd Snitchler
Nan Baker
Jay Hottinger
Rex Damschroeder
Ron Amstutz
Jim Buchy
Dave Burke
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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