Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don Gatchell: A message for 'Retired Teachers Who Plan to Live Beyond 2012'

Retired Teachers Who Plan to Live Beyond 2012,
Hold onto your hats as changes are surely coming at STRS for retirees. Be prepared for lower or no COLA's, higher Health Insurance Premiums with lower benefits, etc. and there is talk about the legality of actually lowering pensions. We have lost enough already to include free Health Insurance and the 13th check and peace of mind about our retirement future. The Problem: simply not enough money to take care of current and future retirees plus a legislature that does not respect public education or educators. They want to privatize Ohio!
The solution by the majority in the Ohio General Assembly is to put the hardship on the backs of the retirees rather than share the sacrifice with actives and employers. Hopefully, all of you who put the current majority in office especially Governor Kasich will request that they rush legislation through the General Assembly that will preserve the STRS pension fund and spread the sacrifice among all stakeholders. We earned it!
Disgruntled Don in Chilli
Adjunct Professor, OU .... for the foreseeable future
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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