Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Here is a picture...do any of these people look familiar?

From John Curry, May 1, 2012
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This is the OEA-R Advisory Council. When have you seen or heard this council speak out at STRS board meetings and/or stand up for retirees? When have you heard them (or ORTA, for that matter) stand up and speak out against cutting the COLA of the lowest pension recipients among us....like the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System already acted upon ......or that CORE has been pressing for?
........I didn't think so!
P.S. If you know any of these people why don't you ask them in person?
From KBB: John -- Are you sure this group really exists? I couldn't find a list of names of the Advisory Council on their website (http://www.ohea.org/oea-retired-members). When I clicked on Advisory Council Minutes (http://www.ohea.org/advisory-council-minutes), I got a blank page. Seems like there's more OEA stuff on their site than stuff they generated themselves. I can't even FIND the word "COLA". Could it be they're all wealthy and unconcerned?
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