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RHJones on: The "Golden Boy" [Josh Mandel] might have been a Marine but he certainly didn't get endorsed by the Boys in Blue, did he?

From RH Jones, July 18, 2012
To all:
How awful it will be for public school children, their active, and retired teachers, if John Mandel and a Pro-Kasich Ohio Supreme Court is elected. We must stand, together, behind those candidates that are on the side of education, the soundest investment in the interest of Ohio.
Wisely, the FOP endorses candidates, but unwisely our ORTA does not! For without endorsement, how can this retired teacher organization be in solidarity? The ORTA officials have always said it would damage our independent and non-partisanship political position. Fellow ORTA members, it is essential that we, as educators, stay in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in other OHIO public employment - these are the services for a civilized society. We cannot allow public services (including education, Pre-K -16) to be only for the most-well-to do. We cannot, therefore, afford to be independent. Our political power is magnified when we stand shoulder to shoulder.
Please read John's message below.
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From: John Curry, July 16, 2012
Subject: The "Golden Boy" [Josh Mandel] might have been a Marine but he certainly didn't get endorsed by the Boys in Blue, did he?
Please pass this one on to your friends in blue...and black...and other law enforcement colors.
Ohio Fraternal Order of Police endorses Brown for U.S. Senate, incumbents for Ohio Supreme Court
The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police today endorsed Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown for re-election to the United States senate.
The law enforcement group, with 25,000 active and retired members, also endorsed Ohio Supreme Court incumbents Democrat Yvette McGee Brown, and Republicans Terrence O'Donnell and Robert Cupp for the three seats up for election at the court.
The FOP made its selections during its 78th annual conference in Independence, Ohio.
"Senator Brown was one of our strongest allies in the fight against SB5, Issue 2," said FOP president Jay McDonald, referring to the collective bargaining law that was repealed by voters last November thanks in part to heavy opposition to it from organized labor, including Ohio's first responders.
Brown "is also one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement issues in the United States Senate and our members of the FOP in Ohio are proud to stand with Senator Brown for his re-election," McDonald said.
Brown, who is being challenged by Republican state treasurer Josh Mandel, said he was pleased to receive the backing of the FOP.
"I am honored to have the endorsement of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, who count among their members some of the bravest men and women I know," Brown said in a statement. "These law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to protecting our communities, vowing to run towards danger when others run away.
"I was proud to stand with the FOP last year as we fought against Senate Bill 5, an egregious attack on our courageous police officers that Ohioans roundly rejected," he said.
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