Tuesday, October 16, 2012

John Curry: A retired educator speaks to the OEA-R (retired) to explain why she won't vote.....and I don't blame her!

From Kathie Bracy, October 16, 2012
For Marilyn Allen:
I did receive my OEA-R ballot in the mail sometime in the past few days (while I was away for four days) and looked it over. While I have voted for delegates many times in the past, this time I decided to pitch my ballot into the recycle bin. All the candidates looked highly qualified and well intentioned, but I saw no evidence of what any of them have ever done or proposed to do to help retirees where they need it most: their pension and their healthcare.
Furthermore, I have attended nearly every STRS board meeting for the past nine years, but never once did I see any OEA-R leaders in attendance and fighting to preserve the level of healthcare we had come to expect, or to preserve our 3% COLA. Thanks, but no thanks, to apathetic organizations that pretend to stand up for retired educators, such as OEA-R and ORTA, our healthcare is pathetic, and our 3% COLA is history. Such organizations do not deserve our support, and voting for anybody would be a sham. Just what DO you stand for, anyway? Darned if I know.
Kathie Bracy 
From Marilyn Allen, October 12, 2012
OEA-R members, Have you gotten your ballot this week? If not, watch your mail for the ballot. I am on the ballot in 2 races. I am running for the At-Large Representative to the OEA-R Advisory Council. I am also running to be a delegate for the OEA Convention. I am first on the ballot for the Advisory Council At Large and fifth on the ballot for the OEA-Retired Delegate. I have appreciated your support in the past and would appreciate your vote for both the At Large Representative and OEA-Retired Delegate. Thank you so much.
Marilyn Allen
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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