Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An open letter from RH Jones re: income tax relief for retired educators

From RH Jones, January 28, 2013
To all retired teachers, ORTA, OEA-R, and STRS officials:
The Republican Party sets forth the notion of reducing taxes; in this case, retired teachers need to hold them to this. Although other financial entitlements may be based on greater help for the teachers who may be retired the longest, to have Ohio income tax relief would at least be an assist in paying retired teacher increased HC/Rx costs.
Also, there is the present lack of a year-end 13th check to help with paying bills at that crucial time of year. As you may know, the very fairly calculated 13th check is only available when the Ohio STRS reaches its 30-year funding goal; however, presently there is a strong indication that there will be a surge in new retirees next June/July due in part to the recent legislation removing of a large percent of our simple COLA. This surge in teacher retirements will severely stress our STRS to meet the 30-year obligation anytime soon. Therefore, the timing is right for Ohio income tax relief for retired teachers.
The state and local public school districts did not support an additional employer contribution increase to support the active teachers and their/our STRS in maintaining the 30-year goal. A reasonable person can see that fewer college students, especially men, will not want to enter the teaching profession here in Ohio. However, the knowledge that Ohio has joined other states in offering their retired teachers income tax relief, this would surely help to entice good students to teach in Ohio.
If Governor Kasich’s statements that Ohio has been reborn are true, Ohio’s businesses will be in need of more teachers to supply business with trained citizens. And folks and their children moving into a more prosperous Ohio will need to be trained for jobs also.
In conclusion, Ohio’s Governor Kasich will need retired teacher support for his next election. The ORTA and OEA-R backed the recent Republican dominated legislation in reducing some of our promised benefits. It is now time to restore them or at least help with income tax relief for retired teachers. Already, many other states in the U.S.A. do not tax retired teachers.
My opinion,
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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