Saturday, February 02, 2013

RH Jones re: Another OEA official artfully dodges the questions!

From RH Jones, February 1, 2013
To all:
Re: like superintendents, union leaders' salaries are higher than salaries of active teachers in their districts and in retirement their pensions are greater than theirs, as well.
Please read this post from the bottom up to the top. As a retired elementary teacher, I strongly support retired Supt. Dennis Leone in his honorable quest for a seat on the STRS board. Over his years of board service, I can most honestly say that Dr. Leone has been consistently on the side of retired and active teachers. After all, his (late) father was a retired educator and his lovely daughter is an active teacher. For those two reasons alone, you can most certainly conclude that his best interest is to represent these two loved ones. And we retired members have greatly benefited well as the active educator members of our STRS. Because of Dr. Leone's past service, more of STRS dollars have been available to fund our pension.
The OEA and ORTA, in their non-support of Dr. Leone's candidacy, in an indirect way have supported those board members of the past which misused, misdirected, and incompetently caused, to a large extent, losses of our STRS investment capital. These losses have particularly negatively affected retired teachers who are lower down the salary scale than superintendents and union leaders.
To me, Dr. Leone is an STRS board retired teacher emeritus because of his special fight to protect the oldest retired teachers among us.
My opinion,
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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