Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thanks, STRS, for making this election is sooooo user-friendly!

Actual quotes from retirees; multiply each by a few thousand or so: 
"I voted for two candidates because it SAID to vote for two!" 
"I never got my ballot!" 
"Who are we supposed to vote for as a second candidate? I was just going to vote for one."  
"...there is another incorrect thing about the voting for an STRS retiree.  I tried four times voting by telephone.  My plan was to vote for only you. It would not accept my vote.  It kept saying it was an invalid ballot.  In other words it would not permit me to vote for only one candidate which is wrong.  I did a mail-in ballot voting for only you.  I hope they accept it as a valid ballot."  
"I had the same problem when I voted by phone."

"As if you don't have enough with the ballot wording -- there is another problem, at least with the ballots we received. Our ballots were very readable on the first 1/3 of the ballot all in bright colors. Then on the actual ballot supposedly printed in black it was not readable.  Looks like the printer was almost out of ink. Could read some but, the names and boxes for the vote; could not see any of that part of the ballot. Just thought I would let you know that the wording is not the only problem with the ballot."
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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