Sunday, May 05, 2013

A primer for STRS: Single-shot voting explained by Eric Meyer, MD, Arizona State Representative

Cast only one vote - for Eric!
Did you know:  Single-shot voting means voting for only one candidate, even though there are two open seats.
Here’s why it matters:  The winners in this race will be the top two vote-getters. Sounds straightforward, but it’s not. Actually, if you use both of your votes, you might dilute or cancel your first vote. Though this seems counter-intuitive, here’s how it works:
1.Each voter gets two votes for State Representative, but is not required to use both votes.
2.If some voters use only one of their votes, then the candidate receiving those single votes receives a larger proportion of all the votes cast.
3.This candidate would then have a better chance at winning.
Voting for only one candidate increases the likelihood of your candidate being elected, by not giving your second vote to an opponent. That’s why we urge you to cast a “single-shot” vote.
“My race is a perfect example of how voting for only one candidate can make a greater impact. Both of my opponents have values that are very different from mine. They intend to make deeper cuts to education funding and continue to steer our state down the same, irresponsible path.
A vote for either of my opponents is a vote against me and the values that we share.
If you cast one vote for me and your second vote for my opponent, it will decrease my odds of winning, and you will have helped elect someone you may not support.”
So it’s important to remember:  In this case, one is better than two. Cast only one vote, for the candidate who supports your values. Make your vote count!
[Note: Remember, the two incumbent candidates for the retired seats on the STRS board have MEGABUCKS -- OEA money "borrowed" from their members -- backing them while the other two candidates have only their out-of-pocket money for their campaigns. What's wrong with this picture? As a retiree, I have to wonder WHY a huge union that works for ACTIVE teachers is supporting two RETIRED candidates. If I were an active teacher, I would be FURIOUS that MY money was being spent this way.]
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