Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dave Parshall: A message to Mike Nehf

From Dave Parshall
January 18, 2014
Hi, Mike, long time since you heard from me. I assume you remember me. I always tell folks that you were always honest and up front with me.  Please read a message we sent out to all our former CORE members and to McGreevy and Stein who are supposed to represent retirees. 
You know, Mike, it does not make sense to keep hitting retirees especially the older retirees, like me, now, who don’t have the large pensions that retirees do today. Certainly it makes no sense in terms of fairness to still allow the unearned 88%/35 year pensions that continue to cost us money on the backs of the older lower pension retirees. At this point I feel if you got the 88% you don’t need a COLA for at least ten years or even ever unless our fund is below the 30 years unfunded liability.
As you and the Board try to find an answer to the mistake made by the accounting firm, please keep these thoughts in mind. I know greed pervades our society these days, but OPERS always seems to be fair to their older retirees while STRS seems not to be able to find a spine to do so. Oh yes, OPERS doesn’t have an OEA telling what to do.
I hope all is well, Mike. 
Dave Parshall
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