Saturday, October 13, 2007

RH Jones: A word of advice

From RH Jones, October 13, 2007
Subject: Protecting your checks
To all:
Having been a mail carrier for almost 3-yrs. I learned this: Don’t have checks sent to your home from either the STRS, or your bank.
1) They can be stolen in delivery stream.
2) Rural mailboxes are no longer safe.
3) Any mailbox on the exterior of the house, that has no slot for the mail to be placed through the wall and out of the reach of thieves, is not safe.
4) Even picking mail up at the post office is not safe. Mail is sometimes given to the wrong people or taken by the wrong people.
Conclusion: Pick the new checks while at the bank. And an electric shredder that shreds diagonally. Shred anything the wrong people can use. Have the STRS checks sent electronically. And, finally, nothing is safe in this world. Nevertheless, be alert.
RHJones, a proud CORE Member
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