Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jim Kimmel and (Name withheld) a conversation on HCA proposal, with comments from Molly

Note: One correspondent's material was removed at the writer's request; the rest is left intact. Kathie Bracy, 11/02/06
From Molly Janczyk, October 31, 2006
Subject: Re: HCA Proposal
Getting the right people on the board with the right attitude is essential to getting HC legislation passed. Leone and Lazares have both commented and Damon was told that legislators want to see the STRS Board attempting to do the right things -- I believe that has a lot to do with attitudes of some Board members trying to stand in the way of monitoring costs, expenses and contracts. If we act irresponsibly, HC legislation will never pass. Look to yourselves for who is standing in the way and looking badly to legislators.
CORE cannot act as though things are being done correctly when they are not just to please some OEA individuals who never ever think they are wrong. Ramser and Puckett have acted irresponsibly and not in accordance to ORC:3307.15 by their decisions and actions listed many times. To excuse this looks like business as usual and we want legislators to KNOW we are doing the very best we can to make sure the STRS Board oversees funds membership properly.
AT SOME POINT certain OEA persons need to look in the mirror instead of to others to accept THEIR part of the responsibility instead of forever rationalizing it and blaming everyone else. If you want to show collaboration, ALWAYS and without FAIL, do the transparent and RIGHT THING! IT IS VERY SIMPLE!
Quit making excuses and get on "BOARD" with honesty and doing the rt thing. Silly excuses and reasons were given for not voting to limit Damon, voting without documents, approving legal costs of staff and using credit cards secretly AGAIN!
Just stop it and come down off that pedestal ! IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED: NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOU! They are looking at and listening to real leaders.
I don't want to engage in days of excuses. Just do the right thing. Ramser and Puckett have not according to membership.
You want a unified picture, you know how to get it. Make it happen. Others are very cordial and work collaboratively with no problems with anyone but some OEA'ers. No problems discussing with anyone else. What does that tell you? WHY? Open minds and real wishes to work together. Further evidence, it is YOUR problem, not ours.
Molly J.
Jim Kimmel to xxx, October 31, 2006
Subject: Re: HCA Proposal
It really does seem that someone influenced these convicted board members to take advantage as they did of STRS retirees, including Herb Dyer. I really don't believe that all the waste and all the condescending attitude came from individuals acting on their own. Just what is the relationship between OEA and OEA backed board members? All I know is that once I retired, after paying dues for 30 plus years, OEA turned its back on me and seems to be working against retirees.
As far as personalities are concerned, I do look at attitudes of many of them who are voting for ridiculous things like no written material on issues up for a vote and working against the common sense proposals of Lazares and Leone. And Ms Ramser's statement that she had not read and would not read Leone's 13 page report is just plain wrong. It tells me she came on board with a predetermined agenda -- an agenda given to her by someone -- and my finger is pointed at OEA.
Quite honestly, xxx, if the OEA has no interest in helping retirees then OEA should stay out of the whole process. I know how much OEA opposed Dennis Leone's efforts and that speaks volumes.By the way, whose idea was it to give Damon a contract extension and, for that matter, hire him with a contract without any national search yet when some real estate experts are needed the board spent over 300,000 dollars for a head hunter ? Why no head hunter, if it such a good idea when Dyer was fired ? If Dyer was so bad why hire his assistant who would likely have the same basic approach regarding retirees ?
I do hope we can all work together but first OEA needs to get on the right page regarding retirees -- and that page is the one on which is written ORC 3307.15. It is my opinion that CORE is working on many things. But when 7 STRS members (and Dyer) have been convicted and several more ( I can't keep up with the numbers) have resigned instead of trying to make needed changes attention must be paid to what kind of person is on the board. I just hope the puppet show will soon be over
Jim Kimmel
From Jim Kimmel, 10/30/06
By the way, just call me "Jim"- Thanks for the information. I really hope that can pass because the 5% all going to the health care fund should help.
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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