Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jim K. and (Name withheld): The HCA Proposal conversation continues

One correspondent's material was removed at the writer's request; the rest was left intact. Kathie Bracy, 11/02/06
From Jim Kimmel to xxx, November 01, 2006
Subject: Re: HCA Proposal
1. If OEA selected the candidates and often without opposition then OEA needs to improve their selection criteria and procedures.
2. Your statement that Dr. Leone was not "persuasive" enough is ridiculous. He is out gunned 11-2 on every issue. Even the greatest orator in the world could not change the minds of these people!
3. OEA has opposed Leone from the start. Don't damn him with faint praise.
4. I can see your opinion is really oppositional to mine so I won't prolong this discussion. Things need to change at STRS. It seems to me now that the kitchen is getting hot. You are hanging your board members at STRS out to dry in the wind by stating that they make their own decisions. Maybe that is why so many are resigning.
5.If OEA is so disinterested in the affairs of STRS and takes no active role then stop being the conduit of board candidates, approving certain candidates in Ohio Schools. Endorse no one. Just publish the bio and philosophy of each one who is running and leave it at that.
6. Are you saying that your endorsed candidate gets that endorsement without agreeing to "go along to get along?"
7.You are welcome to your opinions but I don't see much to agree with in your statements. That is all I have to say.
Jim Kimmel
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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