Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some words for Ms. Ramser from a southern Ohio 'malcontent'

From Duke Snider, November 1, 2006
Subject: Re: Quote
Ms Ramser,
I hope you received and read the entire article from the Canton Repository. You know Ms. Ramser, being one of the malcontents from southern Ohio, I ain't too smart about that English, but I thought you were in error when you used the word "was", you know when you said, "If he was a student...". Well not being too smart I checked with one of them English teachers and they said, "It should have been 'were', because when stating something contrary to fact the subjunctive mood 'were' is used." After reading all them fancy words, I almost had a headache. By the way, I was wondering what college you went to and did you finish? A bunch of us from southern Ohio will be attendin' the STRS meeting Nov. 16 so we can hear you readin' your letter of resignation. See you-all then.
Duke Snider, you know one of those Billy Bobs and malcontents from southern Ohio---we may not have to much smarts, but we know right from wrong
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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