Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RH Jones: The November 7 election

From RH Jones, October 31, 2006
Subject: Our main focus: the Nov. 7 election!
To all:
As one who has been in this cause to improve our retirement system from several years back, I would like to ask all of you educators to focus the next few days on getting public education friendly political candidates elected to office. If we fail to do so, expect our worst nightmare:
#1. The employer/employee 5% contribution increase will have no chance of passing.
#2. Any kind of support for our HC/Rx will be lost.
#3. To keep us up with inflation, there will be no future Ad Hocs increases to our base.
#4. The 13th check will be further curtailed.
#5. The installation of even more unethical & unscrupulous STRS board members intent on violating the spirit of ORC 3307.15
#6. Less money to procure the best STRS employees
#7. More privatization of schools & colleges
#8. Etc. Etc. & Etc.
For almost 200 years our public schools/colleges in Ohio, and the nation, have successfully taught our youngsters to evolve into world leaders in the cause of freedom, democracy and productivity. At the moment, we can not, and should not, be distracted from our task. We need to maintain our focus. AFTER THE ELECTION, we can make the time to deal with those at the STRS board, & management, that would continue unethical conduct & mismanagement of our existing funds. With education friendly politicians in office, we can expect a better future at our STRS; in fact, there will be a better future for everyone. It will then be easier to deal with the few scoundrels at our STRS.
Do not miss the opportunity that we have as educated Americans to make positive change. We are indeed, still teachers.
RHJones, retired OH STRS member
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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