Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Molly fires back: Please, don't say to us: 'Billirakis told us not to meddle in STRS business so we didn't'

From Molly Janczyk, November 1, 2006
Subject: Fw: HCA Proposal
I guess we were born yesterday and or are plain stupid.
"The advice that came from Billirakis and later from Allen was not to meddle in STRS business." Wow! You hear stuff is going on and you follow that advice. Of course Billirakis said not to meddle. Of course OEA said not to: Story goes that they couldn't get to Dyer fast enough to make him Exec. Direc. and he created the entitlement attitude. OEA is steps away. Don't meddle when it is an OEA dominated board? Entitlement exists, misspending, perks and pleasures beyond any educator's dreams. I can't believe that this is actually written down as if it were logical reasoning. Yes, OEA has done some wonderful things for educators and continues to do so. But, sometime, someone, step up and stop excusing behavior that is not excusable.
Ensure your board members make nice with all board members. Anyone can disagree; not the point. NO ONE should disagree about signing contracts without seeing them first. NO ONE should be paying for things that don't look right or for staff legal fees or give carte blanche to Damon, Dyer's rt hand man. Dyer wanted out of the HC business which is why OEA didn't pursue getting this done years ago agreeing with Dyer, it was not necessary.
Take responsibility. Reach out for common solutions and stop thinking that collaborative efforts mean we collaborate with you but you don't have to with us and we should as Conni put it: "Shut up!" That is not collaboration ; that is old business as usual.
Lead by example. Show the way. Welcome all to the table, for real! Lose the attitude and the mindset and set the stage for how do we get this done to the satisfaction of everyone on every issue.

But, please, don't say to us: "Billirakis told us not to meddle in STRS business so we didn't." Wow.
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