Thursday, November 02, 2006

John Curry: From $4 to Free!

From John Curry, November 1, 2006
Subject: From $4 to Free!
Just so happens that my generic blood pressure Rx is on the Wally World list for $4 and my wife's sugar Rx is also on the Wally World for $4. But, it even gets better, the Meijer store (in Lima) will honor the Rx's on Wally World's list BUT THE PRICE THERE IS $0 (as in Free). Why is this happening? Walmart wants business AND wouldn't mind if they put the other stores out of business, would they? The other stores (Meijers and Target) want Walmart's business and really wouldn't mind if Walmart went out of business. Who does this "put a ding" in...... the PBM's! Do I hear anybody out there shedding a tear for the PBM's? Now, CVS and Caremark merge, and probably there will be some more mergers because of Wally World's $4 a pop Rx. When will it end? Probably in a few years when just a few major competitors are left and then you'll see the darndest "price fixing" known to man. Then, we'll be paying through the nose again. Enjoy the ride while you can. John
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