Thursday, July 20, 2006

Special CORE meeting July 20, 9:30 a.m. at STRS, anteroom, rear of Sublett Room, 2nd floor

From the Angelettis, July 12, 2006
Ryan Holderman and Paul Boyer have been working behind the scenes this past month preparing a possible re-organization of CORE for us to consider on Thursday, July 20th at STRS at 9:30 a.m. They have written a possible constitution and by-laws for us to consider. PLEASE plan on attending this very important meeting as vital decisions may be made. Please send this information out to your email chains in order to spread the word concerning this meeting. We want as many interested CORE folks attending as possible as we need input from all. Dave Parshall has moved but does not yet have an email address established. Chuck and I have phoned him, and he plans to attend the July 20th meeting. We assume that all Advisory Board members will be present for this meeting.
Mary Ellen and Chuck

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Duane Tron: We need honest Board members who represent the interests of retirees

From Duane Tron, July 15, 2006


Watch the news Monday! FYI Nothing else I can say now!

My best advice?! We don't need people on OUR retirement board who are impressed with themselves, and using a board seat as a stepping stone, to enhance their Vitae, or stroke their egos.

We need people who are going to represent ALL of us. We need people who are going to do what is right and in the best interest of retirees.

I'm tired of the so-called experts, the high roller politicians, the people with impressive credentials, and on and on.

I want someone to represent us who has OUR best interests, and welfare at heart, and I want someone who is honest and will do the right thing for retirees, and for the right reasons.

Judith Fisher had fancy credentials, connections, lots of schooling, and on and on and she's a total bust! We need someone from among us who knows what's going on and what has taken place at STRS.

I'm sorry but over the years I have come to NOT trust people from academia and some sectors of Corporate America. Why? They don't live and operate in the "real" world.

The news Monday will be tied to the word, "scandal." As I have pointed out to you many times I have been quite busy working behind the scenes. I am very sorry that I can't perform miracles and it angers me that the system works so slowly! On the other hand the system still does work.

We have been battling with people I describe as "bad" people. They have done a lot of bad things and they will be removed and dislodged from positions of power and prestige over time. Note, I said over time?

The good news is the honesty, character and tenacity that people like yourself have brought to this battle. The positive news is that in the long run "good" will triumph as a result of people like you and many others who have fought and cared so passionately about this issue!

Duane Tron
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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