Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ms. Frost-Brooks.....your membership speaks to you...will you listen?

From John Curry, August 17, 2011
A letter to my union, OEA, about compromise
By On August 17, 2011
Dear President Frost-Brooks,
I want to simply and clearly state my unequivocal opposition to any offer by Ohio’s Governor and GOP leaders to meet with you to negotiate on the contents of Senate Bill 5.
The time for discussion about this harmful legislation passed when our concerns about this far-reaching legislation were blatantly ignored by the Senate during committee and floor discussions and votes and again in the House committee and floor discussions and votes. As an educator who offered thoughtful and research-based testimony to the House committee immediately preceding Vice President Leibensperger, I received NOT ONE single question during or after by any member of the committee or any other representative. As a result of this rampant and willful ignorance, the ill-informed teacher evaluation and performance pay provisions such as level of license and “Highly Qualified” status passed through without modification, demonstrating an unwillingness on the part of these legislators to respect the expertise of educators in the construction of this intentionally destructive legislation.
As an elected faculty representative member of the Columbus Education Association, elected delegate to the Ohio Education Association via the Capital District, and elected delegate to the National Education Association, I respectfully request that you demand the immediate and absolute removal of all facets of Senate Bill 5 from Ohio law as the initial condition for any future negotiations with the Governor, Senate President, and House Speaker, or any representative selected on their behalf.
Gregory Mild
Proud member of: Columbus Education Association
Ohio Education Association
National Education Association
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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