Saturday, November 02, 2019

Overheard at the Coffee Bar.....

"Wonder if the STRS Cracker Jack investment staff can read?"
"They want to keep information private."
"STRS should be listed as a Secret Society. Even they don't know what's going on!"
"The board only knows what they are told. The investment staff only tells the board the minimum required. The hedge funds only tell investment department minimal."
"John Public, retiree and Mary Smith, active are at the mercy of the unknown. If John and Mary disagree, STRS lives in their own world and ignores the issues."
"This is exactly why the governing structure of STRS needs to be changed. We are putting teachers on a Board that have little if any qualification other than managing their personal finances. We need business people on the Board who have the experience of being successful managers and running budgets and making investments. We are allowing a multi billion dollar fund to be managed by people who couldn't successfully run a Kool-Aid stand. Sorry if this offends anybody, but the current state of STRS bears this out."
"Agree. No political IOU for members."
"You are right. I believe I can identify 8-10 STRS publications, handouts and printed information that they have eliminated over the last 10-12 years, which used to provide valuable information. The elimination of these documents also eliminated the transparency that STRS provided in the past. Since most people did not know about these information sources, STRS has been able to get away with it."
"STRS sells APPLE. UP 7 percent yesterday."
"That is our Cracker Jack investment staff at work. That is why they get the big salaries and bonuses."
"Enron, hold!!! Apple, sell!!!"
"STRS lives in a world of their own. They are legends in their own minds... but to the rest of us they are clowns!"
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