Sunday, June 21, 2020

STRS announces special Board meeting for June 23, 2020

June 18, 2020
The State Teachers Retirement Board will convene a special meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, for the purpose of discussing appointment, employment, compensation or other terms and conditions of employment of a public employee or official, and to handle any other general matters that may arise. This special meeting will be held at the STRS Ohio offices at 275 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio.
The majority of this meeting will be conducted inExecutive Session.Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the public may only attend the meeting virtually. Thosewishing to attend may register using the link below

More comments following the June 18 STRS virtual Board meeting

"The STRS June Board News is so misleading. I can see why they receive high ratings."
"Absolute zero integrity with this organization. Just like that glowing satisfaction survey they trot out every year. I have never received a survey or know anybody who has. It’s all smoke and mirrors.
"Like benchmarks, assumption returns, funded ratios, retiree board representatives who don’t represent retirees, secret Wall Street hedge fund agreements, what happened to our COLA? the Taj Ma-Herb and its artwork and heated sidewalks, cost of living for STRS employees and extravagant, exorbitant, unnecessary bonuses (who is getting paid off?)...We are living and experiencing a Planet of the Apes/deep state scenario.
Dr. Zaius is the STRS Director and Board. They know the secret and fear Charlton Heston (retirees/actives). who have speech and technology. Zaius has deleted our access to information. Yes a deep state structure is in control. It doesn’t matter who gets elected in Ohio, or who replaces who in various offices, they are always there to embezzle your retirement funds."
"Remember the following two names next year and vote them out: Rita Walters and Robert Stein. These two voted for wage increases and more bonuses for the STRS Employees (but no COLA's for retirees) and they are our only Retiree Board Members at STRS. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!"
"Performance fees are allocated for outside & inside managers. Teachers are the base of the STRS, why oh why do those that work for us or manage our funds get a 3% merit & incentives average. This is so backwards, the Ohio auditor should investigate & manage our interest as STRS is not managing our interest only associates & managers. Shame on our board!"
"Our own retired people voted against all of us? Time for them to be removed from this board. Do they not get it? Help me out with understanding their vote."
"10 percent withholding for STRS increased to 14 percent. 3% COLA reduced to 0%, increased to 2%, then 5 straight years of 0%. All of this done with a surging stock market. What will our COLA look like during a recession!!"
"Both retired members voted against us. Chairman tried to stop discussion."
"Wow! Are they scratching each other’s backs?! What legal recourse do we have? This is crazy! Why are politicians involved with STRS in the first place? I hope that someone knows what legal steps can be taken to FREEZE all final decisions until the STRS Board votes on reinstatement of our COLA first! Even if it is 2% would be better than ZERO! They broke a contract!"
"What is the agenda of OEA in this situation? Why would OEA be against the COLA?"
"My understanding is that OEA represents active teachers and doesn't want an increase in active teacher contributions to cover a COLA for retired teachers. Besides they no longer get any money from us so why should they concern themselves with us. Yes I am getting cynical"
" Voting No today [June 18]:
1. Steen, Appointed by Governor
2. Dr. [Scott] Hunt, I think he was appointed by Ohio Supt Of Schools
3. Gruber -appointed by the Ohio Speaker of the House and the President of the Ohio Senate
4. Price -active Teacher Rep
5. McFee- active Teacher rep
Voting Yes on the raise:
1. Lard-active teacher rep
2. Correthers- active teacher rep
3. Walters - retired teacher rep
4. Stein- retired teacher rep
5. Rhodes- active teacher rep
6. Mayerfeld - appointed by treasurer of Ohio
We need to let these people know how we feel about their vote."
"...thank you for labeling the active teaching reps... as an active teacher their “yes” vote is not ok with me and I will not vote for them again."
"Let us email our Retired Representatives on The STRS Board and request they RESIGN! If these two are not going to support fellow retired teachers, they NEED to RESIGN NOW!"
"If STRS retirees on the STRS Board don't support us, they need to go! Now!
"I think it time for us to see the details of the STRS Employee benefits."
"Medical insurance coverage is different than retirees."
"Absolutely, after all we pay their salaries. STRS has no intention of ever being transparent, from the lying propaganda survey every year to refusing to video archive board meetings. Way past time to clean house in this organization."
"1.6% merit increase averaged over all employees, while we the members get 0%"
" Disgraceful that retired teacher members of this board sold us out! Shame on them is right. They should receive hundreds of protest emails and or snail mail. How could they do this?? They must have other sources of income or wealth because obviously the impact on their standard of living has not been changed one iota with the loss of our COLA!"
 "The Dow Jones average for 2005 was around 10500. Today we are over 25000. The stock market had record growth while STRS retirees haven't had a raise.'
" That’s because of our awesome investors who keep getting raises and 6 digit bonuses!"
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