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NOT TO BE MISSED!!! The Ohio Retired Teachers Association to Sponsor Town Hall Meeting with STRS on Wednesday, February 2

Announcement from ORTA

January 21, 2021


ORTA is proud to partner with the Facebook groups Ohio STRS Member Only Forum and STRS Ohio Watchdogs to sponsor a Town Hall Meeting, open to all STRS members and other concerned citizens. This event, scheduled for February 2 at 1:00 PM, will feature current STRS Board members, ORTA executive committee members, moderators from both STRS Ohio Watchdogs and Ohio STRS Member Only Forum and the Ohio Federation of Teachers. We are also waiting to hear from Ohio legislators to determine if they are available.

Join the event through ORTA YouTube Channel and Facebook Live through ORTA's Facebook Channel (links below)

ORTA YouTube Channel:

ORTA Facebook Page: 

Our goal is to livestream this using Facebook Live as well.  Follow us on Facebook or log in that day to watch!

This Town Hall event will afford concerned members an opportunity to ask questions concerning the STRS pension system. It will be livestreamed on Facebook and on the ORTA YouTube channel. 

Please join us for this opportunity to learn what is going on with regards to:

• Restoring COLA 

• Lowering contribution rates and length of service for active members 

• Payment of PBI (bonus to STRS investment staff) despite not meeting benchmarks 

• Legislative update: SB 280 

• Ways to improve the STRS pension income stream

• Elections

Tentative Panel to take questions:

 STRS Trustees: Wade Steen and Rudy Fichtenbaum

 Facebook Moderators: Dean Dennis and Bob Buerkle

 State Senator Teresa Fedor

 ORTA Executive Committee

 OFT: Darold Johnson, Director of Legislative and Political Action

 Ohio Retired Teachers Association

250 E Wilson Bridge Rd, 

Worthington, OH 43085, USA


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