Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Remember them on election day!

Who Voted Against Worker Freedoms?
From John Curry, February 1, 2012
Let's not forget the politicians who looked to strip away worker rights with the stroke of a pen with Senate Bill 5/Issue 2. Below is a list of Senators and Representatives who voted YES on SB5/Issue 2. Remember their names for the 2012 elections.
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Kevin Bacon (R-3), Bill Beagle (R-5), Gary Cates (Appointed to new position after YES vote), David Daniels (R-17), Keith Faber (R-12), Karen Gillmor (Resigned for new position after YES vote), Cliff Hite (R-1), Shannon Jones (R-7), Kris Jordan (R-19), Frank LaRose (R-27), Peggy Lehner (R-6), Larry Obhof (R-22), Tim Schaffer (R-31), Jimmy Stewart (Appointed to new position after YES vote), Mark Wagoner (R-2), Chris Widener (R-10), Tom Niehaus (R-14),
* David Burke (R-26) & Troy Balderson (R-20) voted YES in the House.
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John Adams (R-78), Richard Adams (R-79), Ron Amstutz (R-3), Marlene Anielski (R-17), Nan Baker (R-16), Troy Balderson (Now in Senate), Peter Beck (R-67), Terry Blair (R-38), Lou Blessing (R-29), Terry Boose (R-58), Andrew Brenner (R-2), Danny Bubp (R-88), Jim Buchy (R-77), David Burke (Now in Senate), Jim Butler (R-37), Bill Coley (Now in Senate), Courtney Combs (R-54), Timothy Derickson (R-53), Mike Dovilla (R-18), Mike Duffey (R-21), Anne Gonzales (R-19), Bruce Goodwin (R-74), Cheryl Grossman (R-23), Bob Hackett (R-84), Christina Hagan (R-50), David Hall (R-97), Bill Hayes (R-91), Michael Henne (R-36), Richard Hollington (R-98), Jay Hottinger (R-71), Matt Huffman (R-4), Al Landis (R-96), Ron Maag (R-35), Jarrod Martin (R-70), Jeffrey McClain (R-82), Todd McKenney (R-43), Bob Mecklenborg (Resigned), Craig Newbold (R-1), Bob Peterson (R-85), Kristina Roegner (R-42), Cliff Rosenberger (R-86), Margaret Ann Ruhl (R-90), Kirk Schuring (R-51), Barbara Sears (R-46), Lynn Slaby (R-41), Robert Sprague (R-76), Peter Stautberg (R-34), Gerald Stebelton (R-5), Andy Thompson (R-93), Joseph Uecker (R-66), Lynn Wachtmann (R-75), Ron Young (R-63), William Batchelder (R-69)
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