Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A retiree points out we are not properly represented on the STRS board.....

Inquiry from xxx to Molly Janczyk, May 28, 2013
If I remember correctly someone had the numbers of active teachers and compared the numbers to the retired teachers. Do you still have that email? We are not being represented proportionately. If you do not have it do you know who does? 
Response from Dennis Leone, May 28, 2013:
The attached document (with 4 charts I have compiled) will answer your questions.  Understand that the STRS Board and staff don’t like when I share this data, and neither does ORTA for that matter.  You will see that the gap between retiree members and active members has closed significantly.  It is proof positive that there should be 4 active teachers on the board instead of 5, and 3 retirees on the board instead of 2. Another chart I complied entitled “Payroll Growth” is particularly alarming, and should give the board a wake-up call to stop using New York consultants who don’t know what they are talking about in this area.  A months back, the board accepted a consultant’s report suggesting that STRS can use an anticipated annual 4.0% payroll growth beginning in 2017.  It is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  Look at what the data shows for the past decade for heaven’s sake. [View charts here.]
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