Thursday, July 28, 2022

Joe Lupo: An Updated Mission Statement for MOF

“MOF” is short for Ohio STRS Member Only Forum, the private Facebook group founded by Joe Lupo in 2017 and dedicated to bringing badly needed and long overdue reform to our teachers' pension system, STRS Ohio. Below are his comments and updated mission statement for MOF.

From Joe Lupo

July 27, 2022

Some weeks ago in a posting there was input provided by some members that the "About" (mission statement) written in May, 2017 may need to be reviewed and updated since much has changed during the past 5-plus years.

The "About" below will now replace the previous version. Due to limitations placed by Facebook, the previous version can not be deleted, altered, or replaced by this revised version below. I will continue to attempt to find an appropriate place or location on MOF for future reference.

As an FYI, I did share a draft with the Central Team moderators for their review and input. I want to thank all the MOF members and moderators for your continued support as we individually and collectively continue our ongoing mission. Everyone is to be commended on your recruiting efforts. Every day our membership continues to grow and very soon we will be at 29,000 members, and then on to 30,000 plus. Below is the revised "About" (Mission Statement) replacing the previous "About" written in May, 2017. Unfortunately, due to limitations by Facebook, I cannot replace the 2017 version and will need to attempt to find a home for it at another location on MOF for future reference by current and new members.

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(Mission Statement - Revised July 27, 2022)

This group has a vested interest in Ohio's State Teachers Retirement System (STRS Ohio) and its fiduciary duty to responsibly manage OUR pension funds in serving the best interests of both active and retired members. Based on the past and present actions by STRS Directors and the STRS Board members, it is now necessary for ALL STRS members to be fully engaged in promoting what should have been instituted years ago: transparency, accountability and member oversight. Based on the past and what is still occurring today, there must be immediate changes in the current STRS organization and operations and a complete change of the current management philosophy. The STRS Board must operate independently and act as the sole governing body and not as conduit for any single association or union, nor approve STRS staff recommendations that are not of direct benefit to the members they represent. We can no longer wait and allow what has happened in the past to further financially weaken OUR retirement system upon which thousands of members are depending now and in the future. It is imperative that we continue to take bold action that ensures that ALL STRS member contributions are managed and invested to maintain a financially sound retirement system. Anything less is unacceptable.
Joe Lupo, a retired education administrator, is the founder and administrator of the Facebook group Ohio STRS Member Only Forum ("MOF") which, as of this posting, numbers close to 30,000 members.

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