Thursday, November 10, 2022

Now why would OEA be donating to all these voting members of the ORSC which is SUPPOSED to oversee STRS but lets them get away with murder? (Think: millions [YOUR $$$$] in bonuses!)

P.S. Did you know that the recipient of the largest OEA donation (Kirk Schuring) didn't have any opponents running against him? (Uh, what does THAT tell you?)

From John Curry

November 10, 2022

The OEA likes some ORSC members far better than others. Here are the 6 legislators who are on the Ohio Retirement Study Council. The dollar amount that you see under their names is the amount that the OEA Political Activity Committee donated to their campaigns. This data was for the 2022 campaign season. It appears like the OEA likes some legislators far better than others, doesn't it?

Thank you, Steve Foreman! We "troublemakers" are proud to have you join the club!

Newly Elected STRS "Reform" Board Member Gives ORSC Co-Chair An Earful 

From Steve Foreman
November 10, 2022
Senator Kirk Schuring:
My name is Steve Foreman and I was elected to the STRS board in September of this year.
I attended the Joint Trust Training at SERS yesterday. I believe that when you referred to troublemakers finding their way onto boards, then stated that "we all knew who we are talking about" and used the word "recently", you most likely were referring to me along with two others who unseated OEA endorsed incumbents. If I am incorrect about that, I apologize and would like to know who and what you were referring to. Otherwise, I will tell you that your advice is concerning.
Rather than encouraging all the pension systems that were present yesterday to stack the deck, perhaps you should encourage them to act with integrity, transparency, and honesty. By doing so, members would not have to rise up to elect "troublemakers" to the board to chip away at a system that has eaten away their retirement, raised their contributions, and denied them a COLA, all while touting the success of their system and providing bonuses for losses that exceed 3 billion dollars.
If I am among the "troublemakers" to which you refer, let me say that I am proud to be one. Also, let me spell out to you that there are MANY of us and I only represent them but am honored to do so. They are called "members" and at STRS they are funding exorbitant spending and salaries.
I suggest you take time to educate yourself on the matter and would be more than happy to speak with you at any time to help you to better understand the plight of STRS members. You depend on many of them to elect you to District 29, and they should receive the courtesy of your due diligence with regard to doling out advice that affects their future.
Steve Foreman is Assistant Superintendent of the Zanesville City Schools. He also serves on the Zanesville City Council as an elected councilman, chairing the city's Crime and Violence Committee. Not one to sit still, he is active in many other service capacities, local and state. Currently he is serving as a member of the STRS Board, having been elected in 2022 to fill a seat of one of three incumbents who were voted out in spring of 2022. Steve, along with four other STRS Board members, represents thousands of teachers working to bring long overdue reform to their pension system.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

John Curry: Sen. Kirk Schuring, the OEA, Ohio STRS, the Ohio Retirement Study Council and.....YESTERDAY'S ELECTION

From John Curry

November 9, 2022 

Kirk Schuring runs unopposed for his current position in the Ohio Senate, yet receives a very generous donation from OEA. Huh? WHY?

Did you know that Senator Kirk Schuring is the current Vice Chair of the Ohio Retirement Study Council?
Did you know that he ran unopposed YESTERDAY for his current Senator's office seat and, of course being the only candidate, he WON?
Did you know that his campaign was donated to by the Ohio Education Association as the second most generous donor in his 2022 race against NOBODY?
Why do you think the OEA would be so generous with their election campaign donations to an UNOPPOSED candidate?
Could it have anything to do with his being on the Ohio Retirement Study Council whose job it is to police Ohio's retirement systems....INCLUDING STRS???
Could it have anything with the OEA trying to buy Kirk's silence while he sits on the Ohio Retirement Study Council?
I think so!
Note: please click on both attachments below so that you can see what I am talking about.

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