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Tom Mooney: OFT supports equal access and free speech

From Tom Mooney, March 24, 2006
Molly, Margaret et al
I was away when Tom Curtis was accosted. Catching up on email. Just want to confirm that OFT has never encouraged any member to try to restrict access to schools where we represent teachers, not that they would have any right or authority to do so. We support equal access and free speech.

Jim N. Reed letters in three papers tell THE STORY, advise actives: elect Tom Hall, Mark Fredrick to STRS Board

From Tom Curtis, March 24, 2006:
Attached you will find 3 letters written by one of our strong CORE supporters in Fairfield Co., Jim Reed.
He sent them to 3 different papers. All 3 were published to his and our delight. This might be a method of reminding those in your community to vote in April. Thank you Jim for your outstanding support of CORE.
Tom Curtis
CORE Advisory Committee Member
From Jim N. Reed:
In early April all "active" Ohio teachers will receive ballots to select two "active" teachers to represent them on the STRS Board.
In 2003 Dr. Dennis Leone's inquiry into the State Teachers Retirement System's spending practices produced a scathing review of fiscal abuses. Since the research, publication, and verification (by several major newspapers, lawmakers and attorneys) of the reports the travesty of a $17 billion loss and an administrative attitude of entitlement has been exposed.
Concerned Ohio Retired Educators (CORE), organized in response to Dr. Leone's findings, has lead a campaign of reform at STRS to restore the trust, faith, and confidence that made this retirement system one of the best since its inception in 1920.
Two CORE-endorsed candidates, Mr. John Lazares and Dr. Leone have recently been elected to the eleven-member Board. They need new members who share their commitment to Ohio Revised Code 3307.15---"...The Board and other fiduciaries shall discharge their duties solely in the interest of the participants and beneficiaries; for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to the participants and defraying reasonable expenses of administering the system..."
There are five candidates for the two "active" seats on the STRS Board for whom only "active" teachers may vote. CORE believes Dr. Tom Hall, an economics professor at Miami University, and Mr. Mark Fredrick, an English teacher in the Cleveland City Schools, possess the best credentials and share retirement system principles that can best continue the renaissance at STRS.
To examine these candidates' commitments to STRS go to As an "active" it is your opportunity to step up to the plate and continue to be STRS-literate.
Jim N. Reed
Baltimore, Ohio
Attention all active educators in STRS Ohio. In early April STRS board election ballots will be mailed. Two active educators will be elected to the eleven-member STRS board by Ohio's active teachers.
This election is important to active and retired teachers as well as the tax-paying public. The STRS board constantly makes financial decisions that affect Ohio's education and educators. Among these are choices regarding investments made with the 10 % of each teacher's salary and the 14% of every school district's teachers' payroll contributed by the boards of education. The STRS board must also make decisions on how some of these teacher and taxpayer contributions are spent toward the administration of the retirement system.
In 2003 Chillicothe City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dennis Leone uncovered numerous spending abuses by the STRS board. Several large Ohio newspapers corroborated these malpractices. (The facts and figures used in Dr. Leone's award-winning reports were supplied by the public records within STRS.) Many Ohio educators, lawmakers and lawyers considered these transgressions to be a breach of the ethical and legal obligation of board members to adhere to Ohio Revised Code 3307.15 which specifies the fiduciary responsibilities of the board.
In the last three years the election of new board members initiated the recovery process but leftovers of the old entitlement regime of a departed executive director remain. Educator-board members committed to 3307.15 are needed to keep the turn-around in motion.
Five candidates for two active teacher board positions will be on the April ballot. Credentials and campaign statements can be found on-line including
CORE (Concerned Ohio Retired Educators) believes Dr.Tom Hall and Mr. Mark Fredrick are best qualified to continue the renaissance at STRS but the hope is that all eligible educator-voters become STRS-literate during this campaign and become more active in their profession's retirement system.
Jim N. Reed
During the first week of April all "active" educators in Ohio will receive ballots to select two "active" teachers to represent them on the State Teachers Retirement System Board.
In light of the 2003 expose of STRS misspending and malpractices as reported by then Chillicothe City Schools Superintendent and current STRS Board member Dr. Dennis Leone, it behooves every eligible "active" teacher to be informed about the candidates who have qualified to have their names on the ballot.
Though more and more educators, both "actives" and retirees, are becoming STRS-literate there are too many of us who have not paid enough attention to our retirement system. One of the methods of "paying attention" is to be knowledgeable when casting a vote for a teacher who will represent you on the eleven-member STRS Board.
One needs only to look at what has transpired in the past few years at STRS to witness a severe educator loss of trust and faith in a once highly respected organization. Not only the $17 billion dollar loss (at its worse) from our retirement funds but also the administrative spending abuses that accompanied the investment disaster have left many members in jeopardy. Retirees have had the original value of their retirements slashed by astronomic increases in health care coverage for themselves and their families. "Actives" may be looking at an uncertain future retirement benefit package if corrective measures are not taken immediately to stabilize and reverse the entitlement attitude of the administrators and fiduciaries who promised an affordable and secure retirement.
All tax payers should be paying attention as well. Every school district's board of education contributes 14% of staff salaries to STRS and since over half of your public school districts' budgets are supplied by local tax dollars a significant amount of your money is being sent to STRS. Many of you would not be pleased with how STRS has disbursed your dollars.
How not to be fooled in April? "Actives" need to remember they are constituents of the STRS Board and have every right and responsibility to understand where Board members stand on issues that affect our profession. Especially we need to be informed about the candidates running for membership who will make critical decisions affecting all educators.
CORE (Concerned Ohio Retired Educators) believes "active" educators Dr. Tom Hall and Mr. Mark Fredrick have the credentials and commitment to continue the renaissance of attitudes and practices at STRS begun by Dr. Leone and fellow Board member Mr. John Lazares. A vote for Mr. Fredrick and Dr. Hall for new Board members during the April balloting would seem a most prudent choice.
Anyone concerned about this issue can examine relevant information at and
Jim N. Reed
Baltimore, Ohio

Molly Janczyk: Thanks to ORTA officials, district directors, trustees

From Molly Janczyk, March 24, 2006
Subject: Thanks to ORTA Officals, Dist. Direc., Trustees

Dear All, Thank you for carrying flyers for candidates Hall and Fredrick into your LSD's. We very much appreciate this collaborative effort reaching out to all actives and retirees working for STRS membership.
Richard Stearns, Past. Pres. of ORTA is carrying in Crawford Co. JR Toller, Eastern Ohio VP is carrying in Marietta LSD Karen Butts, Dist. Direc. VI is carrying in Licking Co. Glenna Barr, Dist. Direc. IV is carrying in Highland Co. and contacting RTA's in her district. June Frowine, District Direc. VII is carrying in Pike and contacting RTA's in her district. Barb Albers, Trustee: Montgomery Co. is carrying flyers Roger Pancake: Trustee for Clark Co. is carrying flyers Garb Garwood: Trustee for Lake Co. is carrying flyers and speaking to RTA's in her district
Many local Pres. and members of RTA's are working hard and we have acknowledged their great efforts and we have thanked them all along. I wanted to send special thanks to these ORTA Officers, Directors and Trustees! Thank you! This is a wonderful way to join forces for common goals and for better understanding.
Also, I would like to thank Tom Beck, Pres. of Franklin Co. RTA for passing flyers in his county.

Many thanks to all!
Molly Janczyk
ORTA Lifetime
STRS Retiree
OEA-R Lifetime
FCRTA Lifetime

Thursday, March 23, 2006

What is this blog all about?

This is a blog for those who want the plain, unadorned truth about what's going on at STRS. We are grass roots; no lies, no window dressing and no hotshot "leaders" with big, fat paychecks long siphoned off the salaries of Ohio's educators. No political agenda but only the desire to get at the truth, restore stability and integrity to STRS and to rid the Board of those who would use their position to further their own agendas rather than to follow the dictates of ORC 3307.15.
Kathie Bracy

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quotes from RTA leaders re: ORTA

"I couldn't agree with you more.......our RTA is so disillusioned with ORTA that many have decided NOT to join that organization, as it was mandatory before according to our constitution. We are rewriting our constitution to say that retirees can join the local RTA without joining the other two groups. In other words, we will not be affiliated with OEA or ORTA except by choice! I blindly joined as life member at the time I retired, and had always felt it was a right and privilege to belong to those organizations, but thanks to their recent policies, I no longer feel that way, and there's nothing I can do about it except help rewrite the constitution in the local group to eliminate those "have to join" policies!
"Thanks for standing up for the retirees!!!"
"I am outraged at the lack of action regarding Tom Curtis and you bet I will definitely speak with Ann Hanning about this today!!!"

Two lifetime members pulling out of ORTA

Mrs. Ann Hanning
ORTA Executive Director
We are lifetime members of ORTA. We are extremely concerned about ORTA and professionalism. Do you realize ORTA should be representing retirees? We joined ORTA in 1998. We paid you for a lifetime membership in good faith, and we feel you, ORTA, have not acted in the best interest of retirees since we joined; therefore, we are requesting you to refund our dues as we no longer want to be members of ORTA. Please promptly send your checks (one for Kenneth "Duke" Snider, and the other to A. Jane Snider) to [address], Sardinia, Ohio. We expect our checks promptly. (within two weeks) We are also extremely upset about Tom Curtis' situation. Tom is a great gentleman, and a dedicated person who has worked diligently for retirees. He should be treated with respect. Do you know Dr. Dennis Leone or Mr. John Lazares? You should take time and talk with these gentlemen. ORTA might learn something.
Duke Snider
Jane Snider
We are extremely upset!

Curtis, Bracy, Janczyk: The ORTA problem

From Molly Janczyk, March 22, 2006
Some have reached that point and others are borderline; 51 RTA's have displayed discontent. They love Leone and he visits them all the time. It's so foolish to hurt yourself and your organization. Some still hope for change and a few , very few, are like the old timers-hard nosed and we never say sorry or admit wrongs: Those are the Wes Hisey's out there. Age is a matter of attitude and lack of flexibility or open mindedness. We have 90 year YOUNG folks out there working hard all the time and we have the old minded set in their ways who cannot change or will not.
We have contacted nearly every RTA this year and I have not heard ONE negative. One man asked me where do you stand with ORTA? I didn't know if it was good or bad to be ORTA but I said, I am lifetime ORTA and we worked for Leone last year. OK, he said. Now tell me about the candidates. He wanted to know about them all. I said I can't say one bad thing about any. I told him the OEA ones and that Mark Meuser was honest and said he'd probably vote OEA most of the time. I told him Brackett was a nice man and most willing tho somewhat uniformed. I stated his Am. Africa Studies as his background. I told him I email with both Ramser and Mark Meuser of OEA and I feel they are both earnest in wanting to help. I said we just feel that Hall and Fredrick bring the most qualifications in investments and budget oversight to pick up sooner than the others. Conni is willing but still learning and says so. Both these men - Hall and Fredrick- are further along at the get go in reaching out to all and understanding content area.
I told him we ask nothing of board members except to work solely for membership-equitably acc. to law. He said, Well, it seems you have the best candidates. I said I'll send you all their vitae and statements if you like. No, I'll read that in STRS mailings. Send me flyers your flyers.
Most all I spoke with , I said my name and that maybe they remember me from last year from helping Leone. Oh yes, they said. Where are our flyers. I told them and sent them. Such good nice people and some awesome Dist Direc. who just want to help bring unbiased board members to STRS and collaboration to all of us.
And actives are going to RTA meetings to hear who we endorse. So many say: Just so they are not OEA. We have to prove to them , they are not and show OEA's endorsements to some.
Every year, I marvel at the hard work these folks do walking, driving, emailing, etc. to make things right again- to create a board that listens to membership and whom we can trust to work on our behalf. We won't always like it-but the difference as evidenced recently at a board meeting is that Leone and Lazares will say, This is WHY I am voting this way so we understand it must be and these candidates_Hall and Fredrick BOTH say the same thing: Hold me accountable! Communicate directly with me. The honesty, direct interaction they expect and wish for is exemplified in their behavior. They want to know how we are. They want to help when they can. They know the long term but they want us to know too and want our input of ideas. Some have been used, suggested, didn't work, etc. But they listen and respond. These men have board experience and know how to get things aired out and move on. Sometimes that is necessary to move on. ALL who know these men KNOW HOW HONEST they are. That is why we trust them and what they do. We know. We just know. Incredible the difference. It reminds me why I am here and how we love these people.
March 22, 2006

You know, this whole situation with ORTA has REALLY gotten out of hand, to the point where it is absolutely BIZARRE!!! I think the time has come for the local RTAs to start SERIOUSLY considering dissociating from ORTA. We can't even FATHOM what's going on in the minds of the top "leadership," because THEY DO NOT COMMUNICATE!!!!!
Kathie Bracy
Life member of WHAT?? Say "ORTA" (choke, choke!!)

From Tom Curtis, March 22, 2006
Hello Ann Hanning, ORTA Executive Director,
I mailed a check to you for the ORTA Canton Regional meeting on March
28th, but I believe I listed the wrong date for that meeting in my correspondence.
Having had no response from you, or the president of ORTA, concerning the incident that occurred on March 10th after the SCRTA meeting, I will reiterate, there is no legal action being taken by me against Wes Hisey at this time, regardless of what others my have told you. I have not been contacted by anyone from the Canton City Prosecutor's office, nor did Wes Hisey mention such, when we met in an attempt to resolve this situation last Saturday. Your statement to others that litigation is in process is not true and I have no idea where you obtained that information.
To date, not one of the 9 SCRTA officers and 5 directors has attempted to make contact with me about the incident following the meeting on March
10th. I sent my statement to each of the 9 officers and 5 directors, either by email or snail mail for those who do not have a computer. I attempted to contact and discuss this with one of the 5 directors by phone. Once I told her who was calling and why, she told me she saw what happened and hung-up on me, end of discussion. I called back and she hung-up again, without any conversation.
Further, only one of the ORTA officers, Dave Speas has made contact with me about the incident following the SCRTA meeting on March 10th. His response came the following day. I sent my statement to you the ORTA Executive Director, each of the officers, directors and trustees that I had an email address for. I faxed a copy of my statement to the ORTA office.
ORTA's silence concerning this matter is very disturbing to the ORTA membership and to me. I have received countless emails in support of my freedom to hand out STRS candidate flyers at any ORTA, or local RTA meeting. Each was also in support of disciplinary action being taken against Wes Hisey. Some of your Directors and Trustees have written me and are in full support of disciplinary action being taken against Wes Hisey by ORTA.
Ann, you have obviously had many emails and calls as well. Why have you not responded to these people? This whole issue of silence between ORTA and the membership who desire to be heard, is going to be the downfall of ORTA, as we know it now.
The lack of response of the ORTA leadership concerning this matter is out and in the public eye. I realize this is not the way the leadership of ORTA would like this matter handled, but the reality is such that even Governor Bob Taft has had to realize that keeping wrong doing quite cannot and will not continue, as the method of handling wrong-doing.
Many feel ORTA has become totally ineffective in meeting the needs of its membership. That should have been very apparent last year, when 5-6 RTA's actually published a vote of no confidence in ORTA's leadership. This was mainly in response of ORTA's failure to endorse Dennis Leone. Many other RTA's felt the same, but were not that vocal, as that is not the proper ORTA way to address disapproval. I am puzzled as to what way is appropriate, as the ORTA leadership often does not respond to anyone, if they do not like the question.
After the incident involving Wes Hisey and I on March 10th, I contacted a past president of the SCRTA, Dick Dowding. I explained what had taken place after the meeting, which he also had attended. He assured me he would call Wes Hisey and discuss the matter with him. Dick called me back and requested a meeting with Wes and I, which I agreed to. Dick called me back and asked me to bring someone else with me, as Wes Hisey was bringing the president of SCRTA, Barbara Bartchy.
On March 18th, my wife and I attended a meeting with Wes Hisey and Barbara Bartchy (SCRTA President), at Dick Dowding's home in North Canton. Dick is a past president of SCRTA (90-91). You heard from Dick Dowding this past year concerning the lack of support for Dennis Leone. Dick was the first person to ask you a question after you spoke to the SCRTA last year. He wanted to know why ORTA had not endorsed Dennis Leone. He has most recently called you and requested that you meet with Dennis and attempt to resolve the differences ORTA seems to have with him. To my knowledge, neither you nor anyone else within the immediate leadership of ORTA has attempted to do such. As many others have told you, this is a mistake.
At the meeting on March 18th, I was told by Barbara Bartchy that I had not contacted her about handing out candidate flyers at the meeting. I explained that I had in fact sent her an email on 3.5.06 requesting such. She forthrightly informed me that she does not respond to emails and that is her prerogative to do such (email attached). She informed me I should have called her and not emailed her. I questioned if that would have made any difference?
Wes Hisey offered no apology for his actions of March 10th. In fact, Wes Hisey denied that he even touched me and that he only asked me a question and did not continually harass me until nearly everyone had gone, as I have stated he did. I called him a liar to his face and in front of the others in attendance. I told him he was not much of a man to sit there and lie about his actions. Barbara Bartchy added that the membership who claim to have seen the altercation support the fact that Wes Hisey did not touch me, but she did not claim to have any knowledge of such herself.
Therefore, nothing has been resolved at the local level and obviously will not be. Not one of the other SCRTA officers or directors has attempted to contact me since March 10th. The local organization has been silent, as has been the state organization's top two positions. Why?
I again make a request to ORTA to enter into this situation and call for the suspension of Wes Hisey as the SCRTA/ORTA trustee. I would expect an immediate response from you concerning this matter, which I asked for in my prior communications. What action has you or the executive committee taken to date?
Please do not insult me to think that my statements concerning this whole incident were anything but the truth. I am not a liar, as is Wes Hisey, by attempting to say he never touched me or verbally harassed me for over 10 minutes following the meeting. He approached me and created the confrontational situation that followed, I did not approach him. I was simply attempting to hand out information about two of the five active teachers candidates for the STRS board and Wes was determined to stop me from doing such.
Further, according to the SCRTA by-laws, he was out of line in doing such. The by-laws clearly state that the president is the spokesperson for the SCRTA. No where does it call for the ORTA Trustee to be the spokesperson for the SCRTA. He took this action clearly upon himself and should be held accountable for his actions. As I indicated to you in my prior correspondence, this is not the first time Wes Hisey has confronted me and verbally abused me, but it should be the last, considering his choice to place his hand on me and push me.
Sincerely, Tom Curtis
SCRTA/ORTA Life Member

RH Jones: Blackwell, one of the Three Stooges

From RH Jones, March 22, 2006
To all:
In regard to our STRS, the definition of the Three Stooges has been exemplified by Ohio's GOP (Grab Our Pension) group: Blackwell, Montgomery, and Petro. Multiple media exposures of their incompetence have been reported. The Beacon, editorial of 03/21/06, mentioned how flawed and dangerous in particular is Blackwell's TEL program. This would: "...cripple both the concept of representative democracy and the ability of the state and local governments to invest in what's needed to grow the state's economy..." . Further: "For local governments, particularly school districts, Hill and O'Brien correctly see the TEL as an agent of chaos in already uncertain and difficult times. ...". ( Hill is a professor at CSU & O'Brien is at CSU's Center for Public Management.) "Another 'great unknown' is how the TEL would affect the transition in school funding that is taking place over the next five years, general revenue funding taking the place of the tangible personal property tax. Keeping the growth of state school districts to ask for more local tax levies."
These Beacon quotes speak for themselves. Montgomery and Petro's incompetent service to us in STRS is a matter of record. To us retired/active Ohio STRS members, The November vote is even more important than the April STRS vote for the two active board candidate vacancies.
After the STRS board election, CORE will need to endorse political candidates for state office. Having a "friendly" STRS board will not help us if the wrong people are voted into our state government. As their past records show, electing any of the three stooges would be harmful to the extreme.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CORE Advisory Board rescinds open door policy to top ORTA leaders

The motion below was submitted today (3/21/06) by Molly Janczyk and approved by the CORE Advisory Board, rescinding CORE's open invitation to ORTA attend CORE meetings.

I have said this many times but to ensure no misunderstanding:


• Hanning
• Scatterday
• Stearns
• Bright
• Toller

We are ALL ORTA. WE HAVE SO MANY VALUABLE RTA MEMBERS AND DISTRICT REPS who work so hard for ALL STRS MEMBERSHIP! I have notably excluded Dave Speas and Lou DiOrio as well as they have made continued efforts to bring ORTA and CORE together.

This is to exclude those who have refused to make any effort to collaborate
on their side.

March 21, 2006


I move to rescind our open door policy to ORTA for CORE meetings due to the following:

1. ORTA has NOT stood behind Tom Curtis regarding the incident with Wes Hisey at the Stark Co. Meeting where Wes put his hands on Tom yelling at him and causing him to move backward unless Tom pushed Wes which he did not do. Tom filed a report with the sheriff and many witnessed this aggressive act quietly leaving vs. anyone stepping up for Tom. Tom has had 2 hip replacements in the last couple of years and I know from experience with my husband's dislocation that a movement back and twisting slightly can pop out the hip. Tom would be well aware of this and therefore tried to move as cautiously as possible while Wes was moving him backward. Tom has also had a hernia operation in the past few years.

Tom called before his visit and Wes was upset over Tom's attempt to pass out flyers to willing recipients. By law, Tom has that right per CORE's legal advice from 2 attorneys on this issue received before this incident.

I sent this issue to ORTA last week and stated if no firm action was taken and firm statement made over Wes' behavior, I would make this motion. There was as usual NO response. Others wrote ORTA as well and to my knowledge received no response. Instead Ann Hanning said it was a lawsuit matter and she could not respond though she knew full well, Tom only filed a police report and we all know that unless attorneys have been retained, NO suit is in effect and anyone can make a statement. This is ORTA's 'modus operandi': To keep silent until an issue goes away. Do not make any waves -- even when obvious misbehavior is committed. Never apologize for wrongs or take any stand over them. The lack of a stand on the issue regarding Tom Curtis in inexcusable.

2. ORTA has refused to invite or contact Dennis Leone though membership has asked for his involvement in writing for the ORTA Qrterly. Their excuse is Leone made conditions for the writing. Leone felt a 'collaborative effort' needed to be made with CORE with a luncheon or breakfast so all membership could see common ground. This was emailed to Hanning and ORTA officers multiple times. CORE invited ORTA time after time to join them at meetings and asked ORTA make some small gesture towards us. Instead, they attended a few meetings and did nothing except enjoy our warm welcome. No effort was made or invitation extended or reciprocal gesture made in spite of Blin Scatterday saying to Tom Curtis and emailing me "We all need to work together." It seems only we need make efforts and phone calls.

Dennis Leone has emailed Ann Hanning several times with issues he felt important for retirees to know thinking Ann might review them and include in the ORTA Qrterly for retiree information. Ann NEVER even acknowledged Leone's attempts or the information he sent.

Several of us have asked that ORTA invite Leone to the ORTA Regionals as our retiree representative on the STRS Board. Dennis is known statewide, retirees want to hear him. Leone has again been ignored. ORTA chose instead to ask Jeff Chapman to write for ORTA. Jeff is a nice man and wants to do a good job. But he is sorely behind Leone on information and experience. He interacts little on the STRS Board and tends to vote along Board lines vs. questioning voting with no documentation as Leone did causing change to this from board members. Leone has questioned line items in budgets to make sure retiree money is not used for inappropriate items. Jeff votes approval without question. RTA's ask for Leone and Leone visits and speaks to them regularly. Chapman has been to none that I know of -- perhaps his own RTA.

Dennis Leone embarrassed ORTA with his report. He thought ORTA would stand up and help with the reductions at STRS but they defended STRS instead. During Leone's interview at ORTA, Leone told them that without retirees, SB133 would not have been enacted with language from Leone in it to unseat any board members abusing STRS funds, and changes would not have been made at STRS. This angered them and they have never gotten over it, evidently. They ignore Leone's positive involvement at STRS, ignore his presence at CORE meetings and NEVER include this retiree representative in anything as they did Endry who agreed with ORTA and defended STRS.

I stated to ORTA last week that if ORTA did not invite Leone to the ORTA Regionals, despite MANY trying to secure that invitation, I would move that ORTA's invitation to join our CORE meetings be rescinded. No invitation has been extended and Leone may call to ask permission to go to ORTA Regionals FOR RETIREES WHEN HE IS THE STRS BOARD RETIREE REP OF CHOICE! NO ONE IS ASKING FOR JEFF CHAPMAN WHO IS NEW TO THIS AND LEARNING.

CORE has made continued attempts for 3 years to involve ORTA and work collaboratively with them. We have met with lack of response, no concessions on any issue, and deliberate attempts to undermine us and absolutely no gesture of collaboration except from Dave Speas and Lou DiOrio.

• Stearns wrote a letter with untruths about Leone during the 2005 election

• ORTA wrote a letter to members to contribute to ORTA instead of CORE (CORE has never done such a thing to ORTA).

• ORTA stood up for STRS when Leone's report came out

• ORTA took no action against STRS or joined in efforts to reduce spending -- ORTA has no language contribution in SB133 as do Leone and CORE to end spending misuse

• ORTA called us a 'few disgruntled retirees' until it could no longer get away with it due to our successes statewide

• ORTA lost miserably in the 2005 election for its endorsed candidates

• ORTA refused to endorse this year despite language stating this right to endorse in fear it would lose again (my opinion along with many others).

• ORTA was not asked to sign the SB133; A CORE member was asked nor was ORTA ever acknowledged at the signing. CORE sat across the aisle and was addressed whenever retirees were mentioned.

We do not need ORTA for anything. Many RTA's are disenfranchised from ORTA; some are displeased and a few remain loyal to ORTA, matter what. ORTA needs membership to grow and instead acts in a manner to hurt itself. ORTA remains steeped in old ways unable to reach out and unable to ever admit wrongs. It will be when ORTA's current leadership is gone and new leaders replace this impenetrable wall of resistance, that we will see our more openminded officers seated at ORTA. ORTA will care not about this withdrawal of an invitation and go on with its stone faced front. It is time for us to stop caring about ORTA. I hear from multiple sources that actives are attending RTA meetings and asking for CORE candidates, actives refuse to vote for OEA candidates and that retirees are being advised to join CORE and not ORTA due to ORTA's lack of action.


Molly Janczyk


It has been moved and carried that the CORE Meetings at STRS are closed to ORTA Officers: Hanning, Scatterday, Bright, Toller, and Stearns. The motion carried. I personally intend forwarding info to all RTA's on this issue. In the letter below, ORTA officials refers to these individuals. MJ

Monday, March 20, 2006

Latest date for Sidaway trial: April 11

Event: Hazel Sidaway's trial
Date: Mon., April 11, 2006
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Place: Franklin County Municipal Court, 375 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215
13th Floor, Room 13A (didn't know they had 13th floors -- wonder if she's superstitious?)
Judge: Carrie Glaeden
Note: I will be posting some info later on directions and parking. KBB
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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